Inspiring positive change

A boot strap stage project sponsored by Zen Quest Adventures and Yangshuo Base Camp to create a range of demonstration projects, pioneer new designs and research and create modules and courses for visiting groups of students.

Mission statement
Empower development and faster adoptions of green technologies by inspiring people in a broard range of technological fields.

About Us

We are a collection of professionals, enthusiasts and academics committed to promoting faster mainstream adoptions of green technology. We have opened an experimental technology centre in Yangshuo for our prototype projects. Once these modules and courses have been set up they will be delivered at our other locations.

Our centre will display a broad range of technological examples with related workshops and courses for different ages and abilities.  Read further in our website for more details.

Innovation and pace are key drivers in creating our unique projects, services and workshops. We borrow and integrate from both ancient and traditional crafts and cutting edge technology. We have built one of the worlds first 3D printers that can print directly from used plastic bottles. Combining this with bamboo architecture we are  creating our first classroom space.

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