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Your Asia environmental project starts here

This bootstrap stage project is sponsored by Zen Quest Adventures and Yangshuo Base Camp, we are currently building out the site. Please check back in a few weeks to find out what we are about and how you can get involved.


Outdoor Education

Outdoor education needs to stop the damage and work out how to be positively good for the environment.

Cutting Edge Technology

We need to get excited about the future and be open to the many amazing technological possibilities that can help us transform the natural world that we belong.


Experiment and understand the importance of failure, learn to harvest the success that can come from it.

Volunteer for CODE

Join us on our journey of discovery


CODE creates rich educational experiences in both English and Mandarin speaking groups.


Explore the natural world and learn about many strategies being developed to expand it's diversity.


The Future

Explore solar and battery power

About CODE

We are a collections of professional, enthusiasts and academics committed to seeing faster mainstream adoptions of green technology. We have opened an experimental technology centre in Yangshuo for prototyping our projects, modules and courses that once proven will be pushed out to our other locations.


Solar is one of our favourite ways to make electricity on a small scale. Solar photovoltaics have nearly no maintenance and no moving parts.


Permaculture (Permanent agriculture) has become a very diverse field over the past 20 years and is becoming ever harder to clearly define. Never the less its broad scope covers many interesting topics which are becoming ever more important for the sustainable future of humanity.


We have a full plastic recycling station at our ground zero test site where students can learn with hands on experience what recycling really involves beyond the recycling bin.

3D Printing

3D printing for communities, for empowerment, for recycling for education and innovations