3D Printing

3D printing for: social good, recycling, prosthetics and creative discovery

We have been working with 3D printing for a number of year. Our first project were based around design technology and server for disabilities. We spent some time build prothetic hands and harms as a design technology workshop and we also passed over some of the hands and arms to some disabled children in China to test. The work is on going and the community working on 3D printed prothetic's around the world is moving very fast for many exciting developments.

We have also build a speshel 3D printer for printing wast plastic from PET water bottles. We use this for our plastic recycling workshop. The printer has gone through many interations and is deffinitely one of the more difficult things we have done to date. Our workshop using the printer allow use to show a full recycling workflow as an inter active module. Starting form wast collection to producting a new item for re-use. It supper exciting to use this project with our student groups and see how their under standing of the recycling bin changes.

Solar powered recycling

Bottles recycled
Dome Hubs

This is just the beginning, a proof of concept to build a dome with 3D printed hubs made from 100% recycled plastic. Join us to realise the next level.